concept artist

Isogai Takashi said, "to express emotions, portrayed the new man" to activities listed in the main concept.

Details of the concept Many of the people drawn

my work, we have kept the human form. Or are organically linked to a human, or are contained in human organs, and some mineralized Itari to human appearance is varied. I get the feeling generated drawing is a snapshot of the work. Is attributable to human emotion by depicting the human form of the various realities of the real causes of a complex and ambiguous picture that feeling.


mainly use watercolor. Characteristic of watercolor, "various colors" "halo"
They outline the boundaries blur. Emotion, we think very suitable for drawing the human mind.

going to try that

are planning to produce three-dimensional objects. Moving image works to pull aside emotion when copying, but also the form of paintings, often of a solid, a solid rather than flattening it, and you start getting into shape as it is.

solid object can not take a close look from all angles throughout. When the image as it told a picture of the plane, if the solid object representing the details of that image, I think you can appreciate and become something.


The next exhibition will be scheduled once all tell.


Isogai Tsuyoshi solo exhibition